AD7 Mini : Quick Sterilizer
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  How is OzoneDTA changing the dentistry practice?
The ozone therapy has been proved by numerous clinical reports that it is harmless and safe in dental practice. The pain-free therapy massively improves the practical experience for patients' comfort and avoids the abuse of antibiotics. In the near future, the ozone therapy is expected to become one of the most important therapies....learn more
  Your most trustful source of Infection control technology
The NewClave Autohouse series represents the highest standard in the industry. Every product was tested with SP Medical Sterilizers Tests & Indicators.. Enjoy the 100% infection-fee operation with the worldly trusted product....learn more
  The best price-to-performance ratio for a obturator
The GP EASY II offers the greatest capability to price value in the market. Unlike traditional obturators, it can provide cutting and melting with the simplest possible design, then therefore affordable....learn more