Ozone Device 臭氧消毒設備

Ozone V-600

Vacuum Ozone Device

Discover your Favorite Disinfector!
Life & Environment Safer: no chemical, no residue, no waste, no pollution.

O3 decomposition design
cost down, safety up


Can the light go behind the solid?
Can the light penetrate into small holes hidden inside uneven tube?
What can vacuum ozone air disinfector do better than light?
Higher concentration, Better penetration, More effective disinfection.
Check it out with Ozone V-600, and Ozone V-600 Mini.

Ozone V600 Disinfector APOZA

Ozone V600 Disinfector APOZA




Benefits of V600

  1. Time Saving

Eliminating traditional complicated steps,

Simply one step gets high disinfection efficiency

  1. Cost Effective

No need of expensive disinfectants,

No extra cost for chemical waste disposal

  1. Low-Temp. Disinfection

Disinfecting in low temperature,

Suitable for non-heat-resistant articles

  1. High Ozone Concentration

Vacuum programming increases ozone concentration for better disinfection

  1. Complete Penetration

Ozone air reaches everywhere in the chamber, even small slits and holes

  1. Dry Disinfection

No water needed, Suitable for non-water-proof articles

  1. Safe, Eco-friendly

It decomposes ozone into oxygen automatically

No residue, no toxic chemical hazard to human and the earth

  1. Easy Operation

LCD display, preset timing selective, Automatic program


V600 產品特色

  1. 抽真空


  1. 臭氧還原系統


  1. 室溫消毒


  1. 乾式消毒


  1. 簡單操作


  1. 經濟又環保



The user's manual for download