Ozone Device 臭氧消毒設備

Ozone V-600 Mini

Vacuum Ozone device

Discover your Favorite Disinfector!
No need of Consumables!
Without Heat & Water!

O3 decomposition design
cost down, safety up

Virus hides nowhere before VACUUM OZONE V-600 !!


Vacuum Ozone Device

  • Save TIME & MONEY

FASTER and more ECONOMICAL way to disinfect instruments & tools!

  • Detergent-Free

NO need of chemical detergent or consumables.

  • DRY & LOW TEMPERATURE condition

Applicable to tools/materials that are prohibited to humidity or heat.

  • Pre-Vacuum Function

O3 gas is filled completely in the cabinet, and able to reach into gaps or holes of porous tools.

Ozone is proved with great effectiveness in disinfection. With vacuum, it easily penetrates overall and leaves no poisonous residue.

Thanks for medical personnel to guard people's healthy. Now Ozone V-600 Mini helps providing them protection against virus.

What can you do to protect yourself against virus?

Ozone is the most popular and most powerful disinfectant given by nature. Check out how ozone disinfection can help us to stay healthy.

We work for a safer life.

Ozone V-600 Mini provides you effective protection while you are working hard.

How to protect kids from virus? 

Check out how ozone disinfection can help.

Ozone can easily and effectively reduce microbes. Guard baby's health from their favorites, and bring baby ever-fresh taste.

Ozone V-600 Mini disinfects, dries, and provides sufficient protections. It also helps killing virus, fungi, and mites in the air.

Ozone V-600 Mini is baby's best health guard.

Just one touch, Ozone V-600 Mini disinfects everything in the room, and brings us a life free of worry. Good for the elder, good for kids, good for everyone who wants a life more healthier, less worry and more happier.
How to remove pesticide residues from vegetables and fruits? 
Ozone V-600 helps you get rid of such worry.
Ozone V-600 disinfects objects, air, and makes ozonated water for cleaning.