BT Cool Easy Bleaching System

White and Comfortable at Ease!
The BT Cool Easy bleaching system is equipped with the latest LED blue light technology, delivering more effective, comfortable and reliable in-office whitening without producing heat and noise.

  • Instant whitening with advanced LED blue light technology for more comfortable operation without heat and noise
  • Wide scope and arc-shaped lighting zone allows complete full-mouth whitening
  • Preset timer modes: 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes
  • Built-in memory automatically retains previous setting
  • Ergonomics design with an adjustable swivel arm and mobile wheels

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Advanced LED blue light technology
The BT Cool Easy employs the latest LED technology by emitting blue light source to efficiently convert electricity to light while generating a minimum of heat and fan noise. This provides absolute comfort for patients. Plus, the LED light bulb has a long-lasting life for 20,000 hours. 

Wide scope and arc-shaped lighting zone
The BT Cool Easy is equipped with wide scope and arc-shaped lighting zone where it provides complete, full-mouth whitening and hassle-free operation.

Preset timer modes
The preset timer modes allow you to set up different treatments for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes at ease. It also provides better compatibility with most bleaching materials.

Built-in memory
The built-in memory can automatically retain your previous operation setting. With only one click, you can easily restore any preset treatment for hassle-free operation.

Ergonomics design
The BT Cool Easy has an adjustable swivel arm and mobile wheels allowing easy adjustment, storage and mobility.


- Light source : blue LED (3W)
- Spectrum : 430 ~ 490nm
- Voltage : AC 100 ~ 240v, 50/60Hz
- Arm Length : 90cm
- Height : 120cm
- Weight : 4.2 kg (net)

Standard Accessories
- Control box x 1
- arm + power supply + stem x 1
- Stand x 1
- Goggles x 3
- Spanner x 1
- L-shape hexagonal spanner x 1
- Distance guide x 4
- Screws x 4




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