CAM II Oral Camera (for AV-in monitor)

Easily Connect, Thoroughly Capture
The CAM II Oral Camera provides only easy, clear and complete oral video shooting operation with your AV-in monitor.

  • 1/4 Sony Super HAD CCD sensor ensures the best resolution and sensitivity
    (480,000 pixels) -> 410,000 pixels
  • Easily connected through an AV cable and the NTSC and PAL compatibility
    Images are savable and printable with a SD card and USB connection
  • Two viewing modes for clear images display - live and freeze modes
  • A dedicated remote control
  • Reliable light source with six white LED bulbs
  • Certification (CE & FDA)


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Easy and clear oral images capturing
The CAM II Oral Camera provides only easy, clear and complete oral image capturing with any AV-in monitors and the NTSC and PAL compatibility. It is equipped with the 1/4 Sony Super HAD CCD sensor which provides 410,000 pixels resolution, ensuring the best sensitivity and performance. The recorded images are totally printable and can be saved in the SD card for PC usage. The two dedicated viewing modes- live and freeze- allow easy and clear display during treatment. Plus, it has a convenient remote control and a reliable light source with 6 white LED bulbs.


A dedicated remote control

(1)Up                                     :check the previous image
(2)Down                                :go to the next image
(3)Freeze                              : Freeze button
(4) Memory                          :record / play
(5)Delete single image         :delete image one by one
(6)Delete all memory           :delete all of the recorded images

1. Switching power adapter
- Input voltage: 100Vac/240Vac
- Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
- Input Current: 0.32A

2. Control Box :
- Dimension: W109 x L132 x H41 mm
- Weight : 152 g

3. Handpiece :
- Dimension: W33 x L217 x H22 mm
- Weight : 45 g

Standard Accessories
- Handpiece x 1
- Electronic cable line x 1
- USB connection cable x 1
- Disposable shelter x 50
- Driver CD disc x 1
- 512M SD card x 1
- AV cable x 1
- IR cable x 1
- Switching power adapter x 1
- Remove control x1



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